Adorn your home with a touch of nature.

This unique Stone-Shaped Candle Holder is designed to create a dialogue between nature and everyday design and introduce a taste of Zen to your décor. Each wax candle is shaped like a natural river stone to bring the wisdom of nature outdoors in.

Part of Mimmel’s candle collaboration with Urban Atolye, these candles and candle holders are inspired by the curves and contours of stones shaped by the ocean. Rock shaped candle holder handcrafted by ready-mixed concrete. Any variation in color is part of its beauty and uniqueness. Available as a single or stacked in groups of three; each stone has a different shape. Purchase matching pairs or mix and match by shape and color.

  • Indoor/outdoor candle holder
  • Contributes to a Zen-like atmosphere
  • Carved in natural cool gray concrete
  • Handcrafted in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Designer: Melike Altınışık
  • Design Brand: Urban Atölye


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